Circuit Conductor Featured in the Tech.Co 2017 STEM Gift Guide

“Back in science class, your teacher may have asked you to rub a balloon on your hair to illustrate how positive and negative charges work. Well there’s no balloons with this toy, but with the Pai Circuit Conductor, kids can build circuits with 12 different electrical function blocks and special insulated wires where they can unlock new challenges through progression. The kit pairs with a free app to teach kids about electricity through interactive games and stories, and they can scan circuits to learn more and view the current electrical flow in real-time. Price: $70”


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CoolMomTech Features Augie the Coding Robot

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“While Pai Technology has quite a few interesting educational tech toys for kids of all ages, Augie seems to be the big coding toy win this year.

The company is all about learning through augmented reality play that combines screentime with hands on learning, and Augie delivers.

Kids learn to code this friendly little robot using over 100 commands to control how it moves, looks and sounds. But what’s really different about it is that the 3D app puts Augie into an AR world to teach basics like sequencing, loops, events and variables. In other words, you can program adventures, mazes, or mission-based games for Augie, then look at the app as he seems to move through virtual worlds with your commands — not just the world of your living room floor. I know my kids would love that.

Plus, the look is just so viscerally likeable and personable.

Like Root, it’s also retailing for $199, and is also designed to grow with you, offering five modes of play. It doesn’t get into JavaScript, but does use Scratch and Blockly which are a perfect visual intro to coding.”

Pai Technology Education Offers a Unique Learning Experience

Getting Smart


“With Augie, students learn how to write a programming sequence and gain needed technology skills through the combination of augmented reality and play, creating a unique learning experience.”

Nibletz Media


“Augie isn’t your average coding robot that’s found in the maker space. Augie can be used for story time, science class and even math, which means Augie can be used year-round and across multiple subjects.”

Education Dive


“Designed with pre-K and early elementary students in mind, Augie teaches kids to code via an app that allows them to program its movements as well as its ‘eye’ display.”

THE Journal


“Students playing with Augie can ascertain how to code by determining a range of the robot’s movements, and can use the machine’s video function to record their own sounds and movies.”

The Learning Counsel


“Augie is the only robot to combine augmented reality and video to teach coding. This combination allows for incredible depth and breadth in the number of commands available to the user.”